Recovering (From) Faith

A series I did about the experience of moving from a Christian for two decades to an atheist/agnostic/what-have-you. I still add to it when the mood strikes me although it is not as frequently anymore. But if anyone is curious about how that happened or what it felt like, this is the place to look.



Coming Out

Planned Parenthood – Part 1

Planned Parenthood – Part 2

Planned Parenthood – Part 3

Feminism and My Father


When God Speaks

The Joy of Choices

Complementarianism as Comfort


Parents – Part 1

Parents – Part 2

Parents – Part 3

What I Miss – Part 1

What I Miss – Part 2

What I Miss – Part 3

Guest Post

No One’s Coming

World Vision Caves

Buddhist Monks

Not Missing God

Easter Sunday

Church Community and Safety

Semi-Truck at the End of the Spectrum

Never Going Back

Waking Up Redeemed

Losing Friends

Leaving the Tribe


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