Dear Baby Me: May 20, 1997


Teusday 6:27pm
Dear Steve,
I hate my mom! She’s unreasonable, she never lets me do anything, and she’s a BITCH! First off Ashley asked if I could spend the night. Her mom said yes but my mom said you’ve got you’re work to do tomorrow, you’ve got school to do tomorrow ect., ect., ect. But you know what I really hate? What I hate is the way she’s alway’s dissing my friends. Ashley’s a liar, a manipulator, and needs help, Kim’s to bossy, gets on her nerves, and to loud. Luckily my  mom doesn’t know Kris very well yet, but I’m sure she’ll come up with something. Now as for Ashley all that may be true but I don’t believe my mom has any business poisening my mind against my friends. Kim just happens to be a leader, if she gets on my moms nerves that’s her problem. As for being to loud if mom lived in the Lewis’s house I’ll bet she’d be loud too (not that she isn’t already). I feel better having said all that. Now, geuss what?! I’m going to Montana with dad to visit the Creightons this weekend! Isn’t that great?! We’re going to Nancy’s house Friday night and staying over night and on Saturday we’re going to Montana! I’m going to have a whole weekend with boys, without mom! We’re coming home Tuesday. I can hardly wait! Gotta go!
Love Meg
P.S. Mom is still a Fuckin Bitch!

Dear Baby Me,

I wish you could ever stay angry through a whole entry. Even for a paragraph it is hard for you and that makes me sad. You have every right to be angry at your mother. Even though I think that she is worried about you, even though she is not entirely wrong about Kim or Ashley or at least some of your other friends, it’s not okay for her to treat you like that. You’re not wrong to want to stand up for your friends.

Your feelings are valid, it’s okay to feel them. Someday you will have much better friends, and better family too. You’ll have so many days with boys without mom.

Much love, Me



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