Dear Baby Me: May 12, 1997


Dear Steve,

I’ve only got one more page and then this book is done! Computer class is almost over. I don’t know what me and Zach are going to do about getting together after that. We’ll have to think of something. It has been a gorgeous weekend and so far good weather is continuing. I’m listening to Freak by Silver Chair on the End. It’s a cool song. I have to clean my room. It’s stupid! Mom says they’ll go to Camano Island and leave me home to work!


Dear Baby Me,

I do not think I have thought about Silver Chair even once in the last probably decade? I have not missed them. But it’s nice to see these weird little inserts of your media.

It is stupid, if unavoidable, that you have to clean your room. Someday I promise you will be a grown-up and there will be no one to make you clean your room. Of course… then you will just do it because you want to, but that’s a lot more satisfying.

As for Zach, let’s not worry about that now. We’ll get to it later.

Much love, Me


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