Dear Baby Me: May 10, 1997


 Dear Steve,


Zach called me last night from his friends house. Kaleb (his friend) was on the other line and the three of us talked for half an hour. Then Zach, Kaleb, and Jordan came over this morning and we talked for over an hour. As for my opinions on them Kaleb’s really ugly but really nice and fun to tease. He reminds me alot of Kermit (the camp counseler not the frog) and so I started calling him that. Jordan is kind-of cute, but he seems to be pretty shy. Zach of course is cute, sweet, nice, fun to tease – most of the time, and anything else you can think of. Kaleb’s seventeen so that’s why they could drive to my house. I like Kaleb alot. He’s really pretty nice. And you believe how much they talk alike (use the same expressions like “fool” etc) and sound alike on the phone (Zach’s voice is a little deeper). Zach’s different when he’s around his friends. More outgoing. I kind-of like him better that way. I “borrowed” Zach’s sunglasses till Wedesday. They’re cool! I don’t think I look good in them but Kaleb and Kris both say I do so I wear them anyway. Plus they’re Zach’s which makes them worth wearing. Hopefully Zach will call me Monday or Tuesday. I miss him already. Sort-of. That sounds really dumb, doesn’t it? Don’t answer that. Don’t you dare answer. Ciao!

Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

You don’t know it yet but a pretty big thing has just happened. That boy who was not Zach but was nice to you, the one who you thought was “ugly”? You’re not going to think he’s ugly in a year or so. It would be fair to say that Kaleb is going to change your entire life. But no spoilers, we’ll get to it when we do. It is worth noting however that he caught your attention a little, even here, even in the middle of Zach fever.

It does not sound dumb that you miss Zach. It is totally okay that you have feelings for a guy you like and that you want to see him. That is super normal. You don’t have to feel silly or ridiculous about that, you don’t have to make things sound dumb to make them be okay. This is all okay.

Much love,



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