Scattered Thoughts


Well, the quarter is in full swing. Last week I spent every day doing something, often many somethings.

I have had sewing class, which is very exciting. I can’t say I have changed my world or anything yet but I did make a hat my very own self this week out of a sweater. So that was an accomplishment. I feel kind-of genuinely excited to try more things, which I think is probably the biggest hurdle.

I have not purchased a guitar but I bought one from the school. I haven’t done a lot with it except wonder how on earth people’s fingers are so flexible! But I’m still determined to keep trying.

It’s a weird thing to have so much going on and not know what to write about. There’s so much all at once but also it’s a lot of little, day to day things. I still feel nervous not knowing what I’m going to do for a job but I’ve started the process of reaching out to people and hoping it’ll pay off.

I discovered a new tool for research, thanks to a teacher, called zotero. It allows you to collect all kinds of research into various folders, make notes and tags on each piece. It can be PDF’s, photos, videos, podcasts, anything at all really. At least for me, it’s ideal. And I think it’s good for collecting for all sorts of reasons, whether you’re in school or not. if you’re interested.

I also have been doing work on the Catholic hospital research. There’s a lot and it’s all depressing. But also fascinating. I definitely want to keep researching on it for basically forever.

I don’t know. Life goes on. Everything feels scattered, but generally good.


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