So I have not been great at follow-through this quarter. Too much going on, I suppose? I was actually just reminded of blogging because one of my classmates made a blog for our class project and I was super excited. Hooray blogs! Someday I will be good about this on a regular basis. Maybe.

I can’t quite give you all a run-down of my quarter yet, or rather I refuse to. I still have one paper left to write and it is obnoxiously hanging over my head. I am not done until those 1500-2000 words are completed. It had better be today. We’ll see. With any luck you’ll get some updates over the next few weeks. I will try to prioritize.

What I can do is update on my last entry. Obviously it has been more than a week, so the question hangs — am I in grad school? The answer is… no. But not no, I am not but no, I don’t know. I was sent an email on that Friday informing me that it was “too close to call” and that I would have an answer regarding my future by March 24th, if not sooner. They are super sorry.

In case you are wondering if I was annoyed, I can assure you that I was not NOT annoyed. But at this point I have returned to a state of zen pretty much, I think. There’s nothing I can do and the next couple of weeks will pass one way or another. Currently my only wish is that I will not be denied this coming weekend, which I feel like would sort-of put a damper on my whole birthday party thing. I am at least grateful that it’s supposed to happen during my spring break so that I can adapt to whatever the decision is before I come back.

So that is my current update. I promise I will talk about more things over the next couple of weeks. Perhaps I will do an entry for each of my classes. We will see!


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