So for my Writing Nature class last week we had to turn in at least three poems with some kind of connected theme. We have a “place” that we are choosing to focus on for the quarter, spending as much time there as we can. I have been focusing on a graveyard in my area, which has been really great in a number of areas. But I think my favorite part so far has been writing poems again.

I used to write poems all the time. They were terrible, pretty much universally but I have five books of them. In my 20’s I wrote them occasionally and they weren’t the worst but I’ve not done great at sticking with it. But I’ve written a few for this project and at least one of them I really like and the other couple are maybe okay. So I’m gonna share them because it’s my blog and that’s what I get to do.

Abandoned Cemeteries

The first time I saw the desert my mother told me it was ugly
but I thought
God must be like this
stark and wide, full of clean lines,
his edges unblurred by peat moss.
Maybe that’s why cemeteries never make me think of heaven.

February at the Graveyard

A riot of reds, blues, purples
white, and pink –
but most often red.
Does red seem most alive?

Will pink fade in the sun?
Will silver tinsel hurt the birds?

How does one choose
the perfect plastic heart
to grieve with?


It feels like a waste
all that process,
Who are your parents?
Did your mother breastfeed?
Are you gay
or straight
or do you check a different
How much money did your father make?
What was your first traumatic experience?
When did you first fall in love?

All of that
and thousands more
nature vs. nurture
as they say.
All to end up with
“Always in our hearts.”


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