Pugs and Nonsense


Today I got to pet a four month old pug puppy named Bowser. It was the best two minutes of my year so far. Which is not to say that my year has been bad — it has not been. I have had several problems this year that have been ridiculous problems to complain about.

Things like that I am too interested in all of my school topics. I’ve actually never had a quarter like this before? I mean, generally I start at least the majority of my classes hoping I will like them obviously but that rarely works out for me 100%. This quarter I actually started out fairly nervous because I had statistics which… I don’t know if you know this, but things that involve numbers are not my favorite thing.

I will say that as far as statistics goes, I am not without concerns. Although I know it will be fine, it is definitely a lot of work and I have already hit a point where I seem to have done something wrong with the math. Grumble. This concerns me as we are only two weeks in. But my teacher is really great, and I feel confident I can go to her if necessary. It’s actually weirdly frustrating because I feel like it is all kind-of right on the edge for me? Like it all almost makes sense but it has not come quite into focus yet? It’s hard though. My brain is not used to thinking that way. All of that said, it is also super interesting and feels very useful and if I am able to get it to come all into focus, I will feel extremely accomplished.

My other classes are all also very interesting, including all of the reading for them (at least now that I’m done with Thoreau which, fuck that dude). AND my research assistant ISP is setting up to be so fascinating. I get to help out in minor ways on a study to do with social anxiety and also one to do with micro-aggressions against Asian Americans… IT IS ALL SO INTERESTING.

Which again. Is such a stupid complaint. It just is making it like harder to prioritize than usual? I am so interested in everything that I want to spend more time on everything than I actually have. I also end up with so much homework and spending so much time with it all that I am doing homework almost every day of the week. Basically it is a lot to juggle and I am still trying to work on my time management. But you know. I also know that I’m very lucky.

My other ridiculous problem is that my birthday is coming up and I have too many friends and no idea where to take them. I am not complaining about my number of friends. I am so ridiculously grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life, seriously. But also I think that if everyone I would like to see were able to come to my party (which I’m going to end up having late because my birthday is obnoxiously the week before school ends so… you know, I’ll just wait a week and have a blow-out then), it will be like 20 to 25 people. That is a lot of people. I don’t want to take them to a restaurant because then everyone gets kind of stuck at their place at the table and I don’t get to see everyone. And none of my friends have big enough houses to support that. Sigh. So I’m hoping I will get a brilliant idea in the next month or so.

So, that is my update. Life is good. And did I mention the pug? Because seriously. The pug. #pugby40


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