Dear Baby Me: April 26, 1997


Dear Steve,
I’ve been writing alot, havn’t I? You can blame or thank Zach for that, your choice. I’m gonna need a new book soon. It’s not fair! I want Zach to call! We’re on our way to the boys first baseball game.

The boys lost. 13 to 20. It was a good game though. I want to talk to Zach! After lunch I’ve gotta call Kim. We’re gonna see if we can get together. I hope we can. Then I’ll have someone to talk to. Gotta go!
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

You will always, at least up until this point, write much more enthusiastically when there is a boy (or person in general, not always boy) to write about. I can’t say more frequently, since I now write every day, but certainly with a lot of enthusiasm.

As usual, I am fascinated by the ways you hop from topic to topic with nothing in between them. Writing more! Zach! New book soon! Zach! Baseball game! Kim! I assume that what you are saying is not fair is things to do with Zach and not that you need a new book soon? But with the exciting shifts in conversation, it is hard to be totally sure.

Love, Me


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