Exciting 2016 Thoughts: Part 1


I wrote my first check yesterday dated 2016. It was to the Boy Scouts so that they would take away our Christmas tree. I wondered to myself if I was supposed to support the Boy Scouts. Have they come around yet? I tried to remember if they have officially changed policy on gay scout leaders or if it was only some troops, and remembered they still don’t allow atheists (because who knows what an atheist would teach your kid in the tent). I looked at where this particular troop met, took note of the church. I was almost certain that they did not allow gay scout leaders.

But I wrote the check anyway, because sometimes you just need to get rid of your Christmas tree. And because it is not uncommon for my pragmatism to win out over my ideals. I guess we all do the best we can.

I am going into this year thinking a lot about what the best I can do means. Yet again, I am faced with a year of a lot of changes. In a couple of months I will know if this is the year that I start grad school (all kind thoughts are much appreciated). In 6 months I will have graduated with my BA and I will be moving in with David and the Superhero for the foreseeable future. I will need to start looking for a grown-up job of some kind. Basically this undergrad stuff has been fun, but I’m moving back into adulting.

After kicking around many exciting and probably ridiculous ideas for this blog over the next year, I’ve decided to try to stick to something kind-of basic. I am going to try to write every week a personal entry. I have no idea what they’ll all be about. Maybe I’ll write about a movie that really got to me (I really need to practice writing about movies) or I’ll write about a concept I’m wrestling with. Maybe I’ll write about job hunting or how much I love my classes or how taking statistics has shown me the light and I’ve suddenly realized I want to do nothing but math for the rest of my life (this seems unlikely).

The point is that this year is going to be a year of a lot of change. While I have typically written personally, I have not practiced much with the idea of writing my story for public consumption as it happens rather than after the fact. I have no idea how it’ll go, maybe it’ll be a mess, but that is my plan. I will continue to post my Baby Me entries (so you can all see how much better I really have gotten) and I will also post one entry about something else.

I am also going to try to include more pictures i my entries because even though I passionately hate putting pictures in, I hear people like them. So look, here is a picture of the graveyard looking super pretty today when I went out for a walk.


I totally have a general list of other plans for 2016, obviously. I do love a clean slate. And I want to talk about how I feel I did on my goals last year. But all of that can wait for my next entry.

In the meantime I will just wait for the check to clear and prepare for another year of confusing ethical monetary questions. Bring on 2016.


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