Dear Baby Me: April 25, 1997


Dear Steve,
I can hardly wait till this afternoon! To see Zach I mean. Other than that we’re going to the Padilla Bay mud flats. Jim said if we don’t have rubber boots he’ll find us some. Oh boy! Not! Oh well. I decided I might need them when Zach told once when he was at the Bay, he stepped on a soft spot and went in up to his waist! He said it was pretty scary. Oh! I forgot to tell you what he said the other day when we were walking I thought it was sweet! I was telling him how the names D.J. and Steve (sorry about that but the one across the street from Ashley was very wierd) were cursed. He said “I’m lucky. My name is Zach.” I said “I know, but if your name was Steve, well you’d be cursed and I wouldn’t be able to hang out with you.” He said “If my name was Steve and you didn’t like it, I’d change it.” Isn’t that so sweet? I’m the only one who thinks so however. I’ve told several people. They just give me this wierd look. You know I don’t think I ever told you about Kristin D. Me and Kim used to think she was such a snob. Come to find out that she lives down District Line Rd., is actually pretty sweet. Kim says it was probably just the friend she was hanging out with. Her older brother is a little bit cute. His name is Jeff. I don’t know whether it’s my imagination or what, but it seems to me that every time I’m around he doesn’t take his eyes off me. He’s either 15 or 16, I’m not sure which, but he’s a typical one, I know that. Ego problem and all. I’ve never officially met him – he just acts like a typical 15 or 16 year old. I do not, I reapet (is that spelled right?) do not want to go to Padilla Bay today. It’s raining. Yuck! Zach wone his game last night. 12 to 1! Isn’t that pitiful? They were playing Anacortes and I guess their team is pretty bad. I’ll write later when I get back.
Love Meg
P.S. Zach’s coming at 11:20!

Dear Steve,
Well Zach got here about 11:40. We went to Thrifty and got some “munchies” in Zach’s words. He insisted on paying for everything. That was fine with me. We went to ESP and me and Zach ended up the only two people besides Jim (the driver) in our car. That was pretty cool. When we got to Padilla Bay, Mary got me these waders, which came up to my hips. When we got a ways out in the mud I got stuck up to my knees. Mary had to come dig me out. In the process I fell down on my butt twice and managed to get thouroghly (I know that isn’t spelled right) muddy. Mary kept thinking I was scared and she kept saying things like “It’s O.K. Meg” and so forth. It was annoying cause I wasn’t scared – just embarassed. I looked like I’d wet my pants! I just know Jon will never let me forget it. I will probably end up having to hurt him. I think Zach’s the only one who didn’t tease me except for Mary and she’s the teacher. He’s so sweet! I geuss I’ve mentioned that before. Later on the beach Jon asked Zach if we were going out! Zach’s like “no, not exactly” and Jon’s like “Well you sure act like it.” It doesn’t bother me and it didn’t seem to bother Zach either. Actually, truth be told we are going out – unoficially that is. I mean he hasn’t asked me but I mean we just act like we are. So I geuss Jon’s right – much as it pains me to admit it. Jon’s a pain in the ass. Forget I said that last part. Zach called me tonight and he should call me again anytime. Hopefully anyhow.
I’ve gotta go to bed like really soon so I’ve gotta write fast. Zach called and we talked for another half-hour. It’s fun talking to Zach. He’s cool. I’ve gotta go to bed now.
Love Meg
P.S. It’s not fair! Zach’s grandma’s gonna be at his house the whole weekend so he can’t call me till Monday or Tuesday! WAAA!

Dear Baby Me,

I would like to point out that you used Zach’s name 16 times in that journal entry. Although this is definitely the longest entry we have ever seen from you, that still seems like a lot.

I would like to say that obviously he is only 15 years old and his game needs a little work, but that was a fairly sweet compliment in the moment and it makes sense that you were so swoony about it. Now you would roll your eyes and die but for 15 it is not so bad.

I actually have a pretty clear memory of the day you got stuck in the mud, although I don’t remember being embarrassed really. I do remember being annoyed that she kept treating me like I was frightened, when it actually never even occurred to me that there was anything to be frightened of. What I most clearly remember is that I could not stop laughing. Partly because the situation was so profoundly ridiculous, I’m sure, but also because I laugh when I’m nervous.

I would also like to tell you that you don’t actually know what a typical 15 or 16 year old boy acts like. This confidence you have is very unnerving to read, I cannot make heads nor tails of it. Do you really assume that a 13 year old girl is of tremendous interest to all 16 year old boys? I think you do, but what does that say about the world around you? Why doesn’t that disturb you more? I guess you’ll grow into that later. Right now I’m not sure what else to say about it except I wish you understood that your perception of all of these things is pretty severely flawed.

Finally I would like to say that although your future instincts will eventually be one of your better qualities, let’s be clear — it is not generally a great idea to assume that you are going out with a person because you “act like it.” I would recommend some sort of communication along those lines. But since right now all that means is phone calls and him buying you candy, I suppose there’s no great harm done.

Love, Me


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