Dear Baby Me: April 24, 1997


Dear Steve,
This SUCKS!!! For some unexplained reason, Zach’s dad thinks me and Zach are “doing stuff” and so he won’t let Zach invite me to his games anymore or call me alot or talk to me very long when he does call me. Isn’t that stupid? I think it really sucks! He called and said that he hoped I wouldn’t hate him because of it. I’m like, yeah right, like I’m going to hate you for something your parents did? But it sounded pretty sweet the way he said it. He is so sweet! He say’s his parents will probably ease up after he turns 15. That’s in 34 days. May 28th. See, his parents said he could have a girlfriend when he turned 15 and that he could date when he was 16. So I’ve got a little over a month to wait. Mom said that the next half-price Mariner game he could probably come with us. That would be awesome! I don’t know if his dad would let him but if he did it would be cool! His parents weren’t home when he called so we talked for almost an hour until his mom got home. Then he had to hang up. He should call again because he has to tell me what we’re doing for carpooling tommorrow. It’s fun to carpool with Zach. Today his dad tried to seperate us by telling us the back seat was a mess so only one of us could sit back there. But Zach said that he didn’t want to sit up front and so he threw everything in the back and sat with me. I don’t think his dad was to happy but I was.
9:30pm   Zach called. We (or in other words me and my mom) are taking him both ways tommorrow. He had his best friend Jordan on the other line and since his phone is screwy we could all talk to each other at once, but I didn’t realize it until Zach said “you better say ‘hi Jordan” and I’m like “huh?” Then I heard this other voice say “hi Jordan.” So I got my first phone introduction. It was very interesting. Jordan sounded pretty nice. Hard to tell when all you do is say “hi” on the phone. I assume he’s Zach’s age – 14 or 15. I’ve gotta go! Heart ya!
Love Meg


Dear Baby Me,

I am genuinely baffled at what “stuff” Zach’s dad thought you were doing. Like… I suspect at the time you did not even have a good idea of what he might have been imagining and even now I can’t remember a single time when you were alone together or had any opportunity to… do anything. It’s very weird. And paranoid. And pretty unfair. And it does in fact, suck.

I hate the be the person who points it out but probably Jordan just had… two phones? Did you not know what an extension was? I am pretty sure you did.

Anyway, so many exciting new things happening! First phone calls from boys, first phone introductions, it’s a brave new world. This could explain why your entries are getting noticeably longer.

Love, Me


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