Dear Baby Me: April 19, 1997


Dear Steve,
You wouldn’t believe all the things that have happened since I last wrote. I e-mailed Zach at class Wedesday and asked him if he went down Hwy. 20 on his way to class and he said yes. So then I just casually mentioned that we should carpool. I just assumed that his mom would call my mom and they talk. But on Thursday night he called me. He said he needed a ride home from field trip on Friday. He is soo sweet. We got put on different teams and so he offered anyone who would trade so we’d be on the same team a quarter. But no-one would trade. But afterwards we hung out together. It was fun. On the ride to his house he invited me to his baseball game. I’m going on Tuesday. He’s taking me home from computer class on Thursday and we might be picking him up in the morning. Also when we got to his house we found out he hadn’t really needed a ride home. His mom was home. He’d wanted to ride with me. Isn’t that great?! What’s not great is that mom won’t let me call him. She says it gives him the wrong idea or something. I mean why? I want him to know I like him. I have his number memorized (he put mine in permanent marker on his arm) 856-6180. Also, he’s almost 15. His birthday’s May 28th. What I hate however is how he’s always putting himself down. He’s always saying things like “I’m stupid” or “that must be what made me braindead.” I hate that. He’s not stupid. And definetly not braindead. Now all I have to do is make him believe that. Well, I could go on and on about Zach, but I better not. Bye!
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

You would really think that with how often you use the self-deprecation trick yourself, you would know it when it was used on you. Although that’s being mean to Zach. He’s a nice guy. And this is cute! Your first phone call from a boy. So exciting.

I want you to know that your mom’s rule is stupid. Your logic is absolutely solid. Your mother is stuck on a really strange a gendered viewpoint. She’s also probably beginning to be pretty panicked about your boy-craziness. That is going to get worse, not better. But actually, in this weirdly brief moment of Zach, for the most part you will be on the same side. Phone calls notwithstanding she will support you most of the time. That will not be normal. And it will be mostly about her and not you. We’ll talk about that later. Right now just enjoy your undoubtedly painful phone conversations.

Love, Me


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