Dear Baby Me: April 14, 1997


Dear Steve,
We’re on our way back from the Science Center. It was pretty fun. D.J.’s resting right now. He looks a lot nicer when he’s relaxed. It’s like some sort of barrier or guard is gone. He looks – sweet I geuss is the word I’m looking for. I think he could be like that. I think boys are kind-of afraid to show anything like that. I think that they think girls will laugh or other boys will laugh or something like that. I don’t know, I can’t figure boys out. I wonder if boys feel the same way about girls? I don’t know why they would, girls are easy to figure out most of the time. Mayby boys think that about other boys too. I don’t know. I do know I’ve gotta go!
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

I guess you have accidentally just stumbled on a problem with forced masculinity in society? But also I feel like maybe you are not entirely concerned about that issue so much as that boy is cute when sleeping. Also, I would like to be very clear that you don’t understand girls either. In actual fact, you are much more clueless about people than you think and almost everything you are reciting is coming from assertions from your parents.

But you know. It’s still pretty amusing to read.

Let’s also not forget that you yourself could not fall asleep in front of people unless you were so exhausted you basically couldn’t stand up until you were well into adulthood. And that you used to sometimes pretend to be asleep in the hopes that you would look sweet or whatever. So you’re not exactly an expert on being vulnerable here. *shakes head* But I kind-of appreciate that you do not notice this irony yet.

Love, Me


One thought on “Dear Baby Me: April 14, 1997

  1. Okay, but I love that you said girls are easy to figure out, like totally regardless of your ability to actually do that. It’s like so the opposite of the like ~popular narrative~ or w/e. It’s p baller actually

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