Dear Baby Me: April 13, 1997


Dear Steve,
The boy’s play was today. It was pretty good. Grandma K., Grandma M., Aunt Nancy, and Aunt B came to see it. We went out to lunch afterwards at Mitzel’s. It was good. Then Nancy, B, and Grandma M. went to the farm. Grandma K. came home with us. She stayed for dinner and now we’re in the car taking her home. Tomorrow my family and Kim’s family are going to the Science Center. It should be pretty fun. I can hardly wait till Wendesday. Computer Class. Thursday we went on a field trip. I got to ride with Marisa, Joe, and Charlie. I found out a few things. Charlie may be very cute, but me and him have nothing in common. I don’t think he’s even a Christian. Me and him would never get along. Probably not even as a friend. I think I like Zach. He’s really sweet. I’ll concentrate on him. I’ve gotta go!
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

I am super disappointed that you didn’t write what it was that Charlie said that made you so certain of your incompatibility. I will promise you that in general, a person not being a Christian is not a dealbreaker for friendship. But I also think you know that, even now. Which means it must have been something else. I wish I knew what!

But I like your methodical approach. “Go for a car ride with Charlie, take him out of running, move on to Zach.” Very pragmatic of you. More on that soon.

Love, Me


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