Dear Baby Me: April 6, 1997


Dear Steve,
I’m sitting in church. Jeff hasn’t come in yet. A lot has happened since I last wrote. I started a computer class. It’s really fun. 9 boys, 3 girls counting me. 5 of 9 boys like me and they’re all tall! I’ll tell you they’re names and something about them. Tyson is 6’2, not cute but very sweet, Luke sits next to me, he’s not cute but he’s very sweet to. Zach is cute, but he can be kind-of mean, Joe M. (we have two Joe’s in our class) is kind-of cute and he’s sweet, Charlie is definetly the cutest. He looks almost exactly like Alex Roderiguez and he’s pretty nice. Those are the boys that like me. The ones that don’t and/or I don’t like them are, Jon H. Jon is not very cute, rather annoying, and he goes to Kim’s church and got caught stealing stuff off the computer or at least trying to and also smoking. Needless to say, he’s not my favorite person. Also Joe F., we just don’t pay any attention to each other. He’s not very cute. Seth M., he’s shy and not very cute. Eli W., sort-of cute but very shy and short. That’s all the boys, the other two girls are Marissa and April. It’s really cool my computer has my own E-mail and internet acess. It’s awsome! Jeff’s sitting over there. He’s funny. He’s also weird, a show-off , and very cute! I wish he was younger. I’ve gotta go!
Love Meg 

Dear Baby Me,

Oh boy. Oooooohhhhhhh boy. Okay, so things are about to get… pretty exciting. In that you are about to make a jump from imaginary boys to actual boys. One of this lucky crew will be your first… well, not exactly boyfriend. But close. It’ll be sweet, actually. You will have exclusively good memories of him, and that is nice. And someday, he’s going to introduce you to a boy named Kaleb. We won’t go there yet.

I would like to note on the side that in a few years, you will date Jon. Briefly, but still. So. Just saying.

I am also super looking forward to someday in the distant future when you have something more to say about a male than that they are “cute” or that they are “sweet.” Right now, I think those are genuinely the only concepts you have of boys. This is concerning. Your poor teacher in this class was not at all prepared for you.

Also, just as a note. You have not figured this out yet but I swear to you that the online world that is in front of you is much more exciting than the boys in this class. Or it will be. Someday. Like seriously. The INTERNET is there. You have email. And access to the baby web. How great is that??? Nevermind. Sigh. Go back to staring at Charlie.

Love, Me


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