Dear Baby Me: March 14, 1997


Dear Steve,
On second thought I like your name just fine. Thursday morning I found out Ashley tried to commit suicide on Wendesday night. She cut her wrists with a knife! Isn’t that awful? She’s in the hospital right now in Bellevue. She’s OK but they’re counseling her. It feels like a bad dream, Steve. I mean, I just saw her Wendesday afternoon. We went to her house to clean today while her mom visited her in the hospital. I don’t know. I just keep thinking like she’s dead! I never realized how much I cared about her. I really love her. I mean, she’s my friend, ya know? It was just a shock, I guess. Her boyfriend, Dylan, his dad has a scanner so he knows. But somebody else had a scanner too, and now the whole school knows! Ashley’s gonna be really, um, embarrassed? pissed off? combination of the two? I’m not sure but she’s gonna be something. I’ve gotta go!
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

Well, you are certainly starting your teen years with a bang. I like how you don’t even mention that, but also you chose this moment to change Steve’s name back. Was it comforting? Who knows.

The other interesting thing about this to me is that I kind-of think that you and Ashley never actually talked about her suicide attempt. So while you are wondering how she feels about all of this… I don’t think you ever get the answer to that question. It is pretty hard to figure out how your friendships functioned in general, but at this age you have figured out literally almost nothing about communication. So.

It is okay that you are freaked out that this happened. It sucks that you don’t have anyone to really talk to about it. I’m sorry about that.

Happy belated birthday.

Love, Me


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