Dear Baby Me: February 24, 1997


Dear Brian,
The shower was fun. We really surprised Holly. She got so many cute things. She also cried practically the whole hour. But it was a lot of fun. Dad said I couldn’t watch Crocodile Dundee! It isn’t fair! Oh well. Tonight’s Awana and this morning I’m going with Dale to Meals on Wheels. Right now I’ve got to do my school. Ciao!
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

Your life is just a never ending whirlwind of excitement. I wonder, did you really care about the whole baby shower thing? I do not remember that being something you… enjoyed. Like in general.

I promise that in the not too distant future you will be able to watch Crocodile Dundee. It will not exactly be life altering. Except for that one terrifying scene where the crocodile jumps out of the water and scares the living shit out of you about crocodiles forever.

In the meantime I guess the wacky hijinks of Awana and Meals on Wheels and school will have to fill your days.

Love, Me


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