Dear Baby Me: February 21, 1997


Dear Brian,
I decided to change your name. Sorry but Steve got old. My birthday’s a week from Sunday! I can hardly wait! I’ll finally be a teenager! A lot of things have been happaning in the all-important world of boys. First of all I don’t like Jeff as much anymore. I like Jacob much better. And he’s more in my reach. I’m almost sure he likes me to. I’m going to show him I like him too. Maybe he’ll ask me out! I don’t know what I’d do if he did since my annoying parents won’t let me date, but it would be exciting. Yesterday Dale forgot he was supposed to watch us while my parents had their Bible study so the Lewis’s watched us. We watched “First Kind.” It was funny cause D.J. had been going on and on about what a stupid movie it was gonna be. Then he watched it. There were parts of the movie when he was literally rolling on the floor with laughter. I mentioned to him afterwards that most people I knew didn’t usually roll around on the floor with laughter during movies they thought were stupid, so it couldn’t have been that bad and he said “it sucked,” I’m like, “yeah. Right.” We rented Neverending Story 3 yesterday. It was OK.
Today mom went to Valley Video and rented 5 movies. I’ll give their names, ratings, and whether they look any good. The Reluctant Astronaut starring Don Knotts. Not rated and it looks funny. Thursday’s Game, rated PG, and it looks OK. You know, nothing I’m dying to see or anything. “Crocodile” Dundee, rated PG-13, and I want to see it really, really, really bad. Yogi Bear “Heavens to Planetoid,” rated G, and I looove those Yogi Bear movies. And National Geographic Gorillas, Not rated and I don’t care whether I see it or not. In fact I don’t want to see it at all. I borrowed “the Lost World” the cassete tape from the library. They’ve said the F-word 7 times along with every other swear word you can think of. I also borrowed an Anne McCaffrey book on tape. Gotta go!
Love Meg

Dear Brian,
I forgot to tell you what I’m doing for my birthday. Ashley’s coming over on the 28th and spending the night. On March 1st we’re going to The Empire Strikes Back in the theatres. We went to see Star Wars a couple of weeks ago. It was awsome!!! They added a bunch of new special effects you know aliens and new scenes. It was COOL!!! I can hardly wait!
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

I love you right now. Literally everything about you. Everything from the fact that you suddenly decided your imaginary brother’s name was boring and should be changed (temporarily, I believe) to how obsessed you are with everything to do with movies (including how much you love Yogi Bear movies) to how you are still just excited by the changes to Star Wars to how you know how many F words have been used in the book you’re listening to. For the record, probably I could think of more swear words these days.

Overall this may rank as one of your best journal entries ever. I will tell you that you are right about Jacob. I mean, for several reasons. He’s about your age and he does in fact like you. As for what you’ll do about how your parents won’t let you date… well, let’s just say you’ll figure it out.

Love, Me


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