Dear Baby Me: February 2, 1997


Dear Steve,
Happy Groundhog Day! I watched the movie Groundhog Day last night. It starred Bill Murray and it was pretty funny. I can’t see Jeff hardly at all from where I’m sitting. There now I can see better. It totally depends on the position of his head. This is boring. Finally the sermons over. Only another 15 or 20 minutes to go. (groan) Gotta go!
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

Groundhog Day is amazing and I feel that you do not properly appreciate how great this movie is. Sigh. Sooner or later you’ll develop actual taste.

Also I kind-of remember the whole trying to get the right angle on Jeff’s head in church. YOU ARE SO WEIRD. Also church is boring because that is kind-of how church is. It will take you a long time to accept that.

Love, Me


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