Dear Baby Me: January 7, 1997


Dear Steve,
I finally got my “Brio.” It’s more then a week late! Usually it’s a couple of days early. I didn’t get together with Kim today. We couldn’t. I’m reading “Victorian Fairy Tale Book” right now. It’s pretty good. Did I tell you I’m decorating my room in Tweety-bird and smiley-face? It’s pretty cute. I bought purple nail polish at Payless a few days ago. It’s cool. I’ve gotta go! Heart ya!
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

You seem like the weirdest, most manic person here. Like why couldn’t you get together with Kim? Why bother to bring it up if you weren’t going to say anything more about it? You bought purple nail polish, you’re decorating your room, you got your terrible Christian magazine late.

The sadness of how exciting getting a magazine was for you is intense. I do have something of a memory of how much of your life revolved around the few pieces of mail you usually got. Being a child is sad. Particularly you as a child.

Also I think it is important to mention what you mean by “decorating.” This mostly means that you have gathered a whole lot of stickers and you are just covering your walls with stickers. Walking into your room is like walking into a tornado. When you are young it is somehow comforting, and also a good ward against most adults since they get an instant headache just seeing it.

Hopefully the next entry will have more information.

Love, Me


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