Dear Baby Me: January 5, 1997


Dear Steve,
Mom and Dad gave me permission to watch Independence Day! And Dad said I could watch Twister! I have now seen Scrooged, The Fugitive, Jurassic Park, A Walk in the Clouds, Stargate, The Haunting of Lisa ?, and those are all PG-13 rated movies. I have permission to watch House of Cards and Independence Day. We’re going to watch Twister now so I gotta go! I’m going on my number 8 PG-13 rated movie! 🙂
Love ya!
Love Meg

Dear Steve,
That was a terrific movie. (That of course was Twister) Gotta go! Heart ya!
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

I promise that someday you will see better movies. Better PG-13 movies, even better R rated movies, although that is far beyond your comprehension right now. Of what you have seen at this point, I think the only one I still really love is Jurassic Park. Things will get better. Your taste will get… just so much better.

Twister is a profoundly ridiculous movie. But I’m glad you enjoyed it?

Love, Me


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