Dear Baby Me: January 3, 1997


Dear Steve,
Mom just said I couldn’t go to Bible study anymore. She said there was to much talk about boys and clothes and stuff like that. But mainly boys. She said she didn’t want me and Kim talking about boys in front of her anymore. We can’t help it. It’s almost all we talk about. I’m sure that when mom was a kid she didn’t talk about boys. Oh no! Oops! Gotta go! Heart ya!
Love Meg
P.S. Devon Sawa is such a hunk!

Dear Baby Me,

This is a very challenging and difficult thing. Your mother is going into panic mode, convinced that you are going to do drugs and get pregnant. Neither of those things will happen. Certainly not because of boy talk at Bible study. If I recall correctly, this was the night I came home from Bible study and there had been discussion about us all trying to go on a cruise with JTT. In retrospect, coming from where I am now, that does seem a little peculiar for a junior high Bible study. But usual, your mother doesn’t know how to respond or talk to you about it, so she just lays down the law in ways that don’t make sense at all to you.

The truth is that it’s entirely possible your mom wasn’t boy-crazy as a kid. She has remained steadfast in insisting she was not and I don’t know what to think at this point. At the very least I think it is safe to say she probably didn’t hit your manic level but that’s well beyond your comprehension right now, much like you are well beyond hers.

I love that you throw in that Devon Sawa is such a hunk (I think that is a word you soon stop using, thank goodness) at the end of this. It feels very rebellious, like you are trying to prove something. It is cute.

Anyway. Don’t worry too much about the Bible study. Your mom is being super unreasonable but there really was nothing for you there anyway, I promise.

Love, Me


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