Dear Baby Me: January 1, 1997


Dear Steve,
Happy New Year! So much has happened since I last wrote. For one thing we had a white Christmas! The first time in years! I got a lot of cool stuff for Christmas, but the best thing of all was what Dale gave me. He gave me Newsies! I finally got blue nail polish. I also got the glitter overcoat. I got this really cool tape called Thru the Roof. It’s the soundtrack from the 1996 abstinence get together thing at the Atlanta Dome. I got a whole lot of other cool stuff too but it would take to long to tell about it. Last night I watched the stupidest movie I have ever seen in my life. Remind me never to watch Scrooged again. It was like a modern-day Scrooge. It was rated PG-13 and for good reason. Some of it was really gross. I have now watched 7 PG-13 rated movies. I have permission to watch 1 or 2 more. I think mom and dad are gonna start letting me watch more PG-13 movies though. Which is good. I love ya! Ciao!
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

Oh, the days when blue nail polish was your favorite thing. I mean, honestly I guess if you still wore nail polish maybe blue would still be on the list? I don’t know. Nail polish is a lot of effort.

I was trying to look up a track listing for that album (which I totally remember having) but unfortunately I did not find it. What I did find was a description of why the even was called that, citing that on February 6, 1995 “True Love Waits Team begins planning for a second national display at Atlanta ’96 youth ministers’ meeting to be held at the Georgia Dome in February 1996; plans are to stack commitment cards ‘through the roof” of the Dome, thus the theme True Love Waits Thru the Roof.” I suspect they didn’t make it.

I also remember your reaction to Scrooged, which I feel like was… I don’t know. I only specifically remember one part of Bill Murray like scrabbling at a disintegrating rotting hand for some reason before falling down and I found it really gross. But who knows if that was why. I never did rewatch it. Also, can we just pause for a moment to recognize that as of the beginning of 1997, at almost 13 years old, you had seen SEVEN PG-13 rated movies? Wow. Times are… different now.

Love, Me


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