Surviving the Quarter and Summer Plans


Well, you may have noticed that I have been AWOL the last couple of weeks. I meant to be a much better person and at least write a note as to what was up, but that seemed like a lot to ask really. Also, it’s a super uninteresting story. Basically my crazy long quarter ramped up into a crazy finals time and my whole life was absolutely nothing but homework and I thought maybe I would never survive.

But surprise! I did survive. And finally here I am. It is summer and I have several months ahead of me to relax. I am SO excited about this.

While there are probably more compelling things I could be writing about (and who knows, maybe I’ll get to some of them over the summer), I decided I would start out by writing about reflecting over the quarter and my many not terribly exciting summer plans. Because who does not want to be excited with me?

As far as this quarter goes, I will say that it did not go exactly as I was hoping in many ways. I felt behind the entire quarter, I was frequently depressed and overwhelmed and not engaged with my work. It was most definitely the worst quarter I’ve had. Still. All that said.

I did still get all of my homework done and turned in. So far I have gotten three of my four evaluations done and they have all been quite positive. Which I pretty much expected, but I still am pleased that it’s true. I also got at least a lot of my self-imposed homework done, which I feel deserves to be at least noted. I kept up with this blog at least relatively faithfully and did a lot of recaps and restarted me and my friend’s Buffy blog. Which I have also neglected for the past two weeks or so, but it’s cool. I’ll be back on that tonight as well.

I dropped a class, which sounds like maybe not something to be proud of but I actually think it is. I wish I had listened to David and dropped it earlier but still, I was able to recognize my limitations and what was good and useful for me, and not just stubbornly hold onto something because it would feel like failure if I quit. Dropping that class was an excellent idea and I’m sure glad I did.

I did not make any attempt to keep up on my 10,000 steps this quarter. It was just too much and I couldn’t do it. But that’s okay. I am not feeling guilt about it, I knew it was all too overwhelming. For this summer I’m going to try to do better.

Some of the things I feel like I did do well were a lot less tangible? I feel like I was overall less crazy than I would have expected considering how overwhelmed and unhappy I was. I feel like I problem-solved well on several occasions. I feel like I was, for the most part, very aware of myself and where I was at even if it wasn’t always the best place. That doesn’t sound like a lot but I think for me it’s actually a lot of progress and I’m feeling good about that direction.

Oh, also I started therapy again, although things are still a little up in the air about how I feel about that? Only had two sessions, possibly more on that later.

Anyway. So those are a few random thoughts on the quarter. As far as summer plans… In what is a surprise to absolutely no one, I am going to be watching a lot of things. Honestly, I have so many things that it is kind-of overwhelming. I would really like to get through the original Linda Hamilton/Ron Perlman Beauty and the Beast show before it expires off of Netflix on July 1. So that’s quite a time investment at two and a half seasons. I think I have to watch about 3 episodes a day? I am also watching Aquarius with my brother and Wayward Pines. Both of them are pretty good so far, although I cannot even express how irritated I am at Matt Dillon’s character in Wayward Pines. Probably more on that later.

I will be focusing much more on my blogs, of course. I’ll be sticking with 3 entries a week on this one, and possibly two a week on the Buffy blog? We’ll see. Also recaps, although you folks only see one a week of those anyway so that won’t matter to you. I am also going to try to be writing more generally and am going to be attempting to set aside some time each day just for writing.

In similar veins there is reading. Up until this quarter I had done pretty well at reading things during school but man, I read one book the entire quarter and that was it. So I am excited to be reading things again. Right now I am reading Empress Dowager Cixi: The Concubine Who Launched Modern China by Jung Chan and it is extremely fascinating. I love reading about amazing women and she most certainly fits the bill. Super excited to get through a ton of books this summer. That is another place where I have so many choices it gets a little overwhelming so possibly I will need to develop a system.

I plan to write my application essay for grad school sometime this summer. Probably not until later summer but I figure now is the time to do it, since I really will have a harder time if I am working on it at the same time as everything else.

I am going to try to learn to play guitar. Hopefully anyway. I still haven’t heard back from my teacher about picking the guitar up from the school but with any luck I’ll get to do that, which I am super excited about because I have always wanted to be able to play guitar and I figure now is a good time to try and learn.

I have a few other bits and bobs floating around my head but those are some of the biggest. I will maybe do a post at the end of the summer about the best things I read and watched and did. In the meantime I imagine I will ramble about all of the usual things.

It’s good to be back!


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