Dear Baby Me: December 19. 1996


Dear Steve,
It’s a gloomy, boring day. It was sleeting earlier. Naturally right at the time we were doing meals on wheels. It was miserable. And then to top it all off I went out to get the mail and I came back into the garage and slipped. I fell on my back. That would have been all right if both my legs had gone in front of me. Unfortunatly (I have a feeling that isn’t spelled right) one of them didn’t and my ankle is killing me! I’m going to Kim’s play tonight. It sounds like fun! I’ve gotta go. Love ya!
Love Meg
P.S. Today’s your b-day! 16 years old! I can hardly wait until I’m that old! Happy Birthday!

Dear Baby Me,

Sadly it is not spelled right. But it’s good that you realize that. That is progress. You’ll get there eventually. Also, you’ll eventually have spellcheck and it won’t matter anymore. I totally remember that fall, btw. That really sucked.

I would just like to add that I know that you’re trying to be cute and charming by coming up with a fake birthday for your pretend older brother journal. But like… you are not actually good with dates. You will literally never remember this. You remember the birthdays of your family members and your very best friends until you get a phone, and then it’s only your family members (the friends get to go into a calendar). You are just not a person who will ever remember dates well and that is totally fine… but that makes this an even sillier affectation than it already was.

Also, while I hate to be the one to break this to you, 16 is not really going to be the time of magic that you are currently imagining.

Love, Me.


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