Dear Baby Me: December 17, 1996


Dear Steve,
Todays Tuesday so I have lots of work. Yuck! Tonight I’m babysitting K & S from about 5:15pm to 9:00pm. Char called last night. Her and Bruce are going to a Christmas party. We did our Christmas play Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th. I sat next to Christ J. I also sat next to Kim. Chris likes me. However he’s really shy. I’ve been working really hard on him though. I flirt with other boys and make him jealous and I tell him about imaginary boyfriends. That makes him even more jealous. It’s fun. But if I want to babysit tonight I have to have all my work done on time. In other words I gotta go. I heart you, Steve! 🙂
Love Meg

Dear Steve,
D.J.’s once again showing off. He’s telling me all about “Independence Day.”
Oops! Gotta go! I heart you.
Love Meg

Dear Steve,
I just saw the cutest boy on a movie “The Big Green.” His name is Anthony Esquilez. In the movie it was Yaun. He’s gorgous! I’d to continue talking about him but… Well anyhow to get my mind off the subject… I bought Kim and Ashley’s Christmas presents today. I bought Ash blue nail polish and I bought Kim 3 pairs of earings. They’re really cute. They’re little hearts. Blue, green, and red. I’ve gotta go! Heart ya!
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

I am noticing a certain pattern with your entries today. They all seem to involve boys. I really, really wish I could explain to you how this is a terrible idea. Don’t play the games, don’t try to make the boy jealous by telling him about other boyfriends. He probably is not jealous. He is probably just confused and uncomfortable by the onslaught of unasked for information that is coming his way. You have never been (and never will be) much for subtlety.

But I can promise that someday you will learn that interacting with the male gender is not about the games that you play. Not every interaction is about showing off or jealousy or who wins an imaginary prize. In fact, most of the time, the best times, it isn’t work at all. As it turns out, males are people too. Not really so dissimilar from you.

I know you are a long way from realizing that though. Just hold on and someday you’ll get there.

In final news, it is adorable how tiny the presents you get your friends are. It was a much different context, but I like that at least your love of getting presents is one thing that held true. A nice thing, even.

Love, Me


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