Dear Baby Me: December 15, 1996


Dear Steve,
D.J.’s showing off – again. You see he came over to help Joey learn how to rollerblade. Me and Kim are having a fight. I didn’t do the bookeeping for our business like I said I would and Kim was kind-of in a bad mood anyway so she was upset and I was upset and we got into a big fight. I’m not quit sure what to do, Steve. I’m in the garage and she’s in the bedroom. But neither one of us can hold a grudge for our lives so I suppose eventually we’ll make up but I have having a fight. I better go now. I heart you, Steve. I wish you were real.
Love Meg

Dear Steve,
Me and Kim made up. We get into fights alot but usually their just little spats nothing real major. We don’t usually have big fights. It’s just that we’re so different. We have different opinions on almost everything. I geuss it’s opposites attract. Cory is really pretty nice this year. I actually caught myself thinking in council time that he’s kind-of cute. I’ve gotta go.
I heart you and I’d give anything in the world for you to be real.
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

I wish I could say that your fixation on wishing your imaginary older brother was real would fade anytime soon but that will definitely not happen. You are going to be a pretty lonely kid for a pretty long time considering how many friends you tend to have. Always so much drama.

And speaking of drama. I like how you point out the pretty valid reason that Kim actually had in this case to be upset with you but do not seem to think anything of it. It cannot possibly be because you are kind-of flighty and definitely 1000% unprepared to do bookkeeping for anything. Bookkeeping?? Who thought that would be a great plan? I’m betting it was your mother. Sigh. Anyway. Since you are not good at that, I imagine you just sort-of put it off and didn’t admit that you didn’t really know what you were doing and then Kim felt even more like she was doing all the work, which she definitely was, and then… fight. These fights were often not justified and Kim could be pretty difficult but in this case, it really probably was.

I am not so sure if the both of you really couldn’t hold a grudge… I know that was something you believed about yourself from a young age that was mostly true. I’m not so sure it was true of Kim.

Also, look! The alot has made an appearance. Awww. Alot.

Also, oh look. More boys who have magically become cute. Hormones are such difficult things. They’re going to get more so. *shakes head*

Love, Me


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