Dear Baby Me: October 10, 1996


Dear Journal,
A lot has happened since I last wrote you. First, Verda died! Isn’t that sad? I’ve been visiting Dale every day I can. But I’ve been very busy lately. Me and Kim started a scrunchie-making business, so we see each other nearly every day. We’ve made some pretty good money. That on top of Awana, The Edge, My Bible study, Mom & Dads Bible study, going to Carmans and stuff I’m rather busy. I like being busy but Mom & Dad think it’s to much.
Gotta go! 🙂
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

First off, it has been over two months since you last wrote and that is quite a long time. I mean, I know you point out that you’ve been busy here but good grief. You really couldn’t take 10 minutes to write a thing? Ah well, I guess the whole journal thing must just not have caught your attention for a while.

Also your sadness over Verda dying was… short-lived? Which is fair, you barely knew her. It’s just sort-of amusing.

That said, ah the scrunchie business. I do not remember how long this lasted but not super long. Mostly because Kim got upset about how she was doing all the work (which she was, because you couldn’t sew and got shy about selling) and didn’t feel like you should be taking the money under those circumstances. Which was fair. Also, scrunchies. What a weird thing those were.

I am most interested in this note about mom and dad thinking your life is too busy though. I mean, obviously by most “normal” kid standards of the time you still have a great deal of free time. Was it because of how they didn’t want to drive you around? Were they concerned you would get overwhelmed? I honestly don’t know. I do know that you’ve always been a very social person by nature, and that the realization that you had all of these opportunities and options was nothing short of magical to you. Even though it was comparatively still a very limited world, it seemed huge at the time. To mom and dad’s credit, at least I don’t think they actually made you stop doing any of these things. So that’s worth something.

Only a few more entries left this year! We’ll see you in a bit.

Love, me.


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