Dear Baby Me: July 30, 1996


Dear Journal,
Today I went to Ashley’s and we’re positive Steve was there. We saw someone sneaking around and who else would have any reason to be sneaking around? We went to the beach to. Geuss what Jared’s birthday present from them is? He gets to borrow the Nintendo for two weeks! Pretty cool,huh? Nothin’ else to say except I can’t believe Jareds gonna be nine tomorrow. 🙂
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

Steve was not there. You and Ashley concocted a strange fantasy that possibly a 16 year old boy would sneak around in the woods and follow an 11 and a 12 year old as if that might be a thrilling and fun thing, instead of a super creepy and dangerous thing. Also there was nothing super exciting in what you were doing. So basically you just like wandered around the woods being really excited about the idea of being stalked all day. Yes, that is weird.

Borrowing the Nintendo for two weeks IS pretty cool. I miss Nintendo. Those were the best games.

If you can’t believe Jared will be nine tomorrow, wait till I tell you this. He is 27 now. HOW WEIRD IS THAT?

Love, Me


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