Dear Baby Me: July 21, 1996


Dear Journal,
Camp was great but I forgot to tell you who my cabinmates were. They were Beth (that got confusing, her real name’s Elizabeth), Becky, Missie, Dora, and of course Sarah. I will tell you the movies we rented, the stars, whether I liked, what they were rated, and in mom & dad’s movies whether I could watch them or not. I’ll do mom and dad’s first. Mr. Wonderful. Oops! Gotta go!
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

I am super amused that it crosses your mind it might be important to list who all of your roommates were but absolutely nothing about them and nothing at all about the camp experience itself. I can assure you that I remember nothing about any of these people except Sarah. Who is my cousin. I am pretty sure we fought the whole time, but I don’t remember anything with much clarity as far as how that all played out. I am just saying. Possibly it would have been helpful for you to include a few details.

That said, here you are with the movies again. That fascination is right there… even if you are immediately distracted. Seriously, baby me. Where is it that you are constantly having to run off to? What could you possibly have to do that is of such great importance? Do you have a secret superhero identity I’ve forgotten about?

I think you were not allowed to watch Mr. Wonderful. For everyone now who was on the edge of their seat wondering.

Love, Me


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