Taking a Very Brief Break!


Hello, readers!

You may have noticed I have been a bit spotty the last month or so, and that this last week I suddenly dropped off altogether. We are coming into the final stretch of my school for the quarter and I have to admit that I have just been quite overwhelmed with all of the homework and things.

Also, this is my birthday weekend, so I’ve had that excitement to schedule in on top of everything else (although that is at least the good kind of excitement).

The point is that I have decided to throw up my hands for a week or two and admit that I need to take a break while I finish strong for the season on my school. I’ve been feeling so guilty about letting my extra stuff slip and not being on top of everything, but the truth is that I think it is important to acknowledge when I need to put more energy into a single place for a short time.

So I’ll be back in a couple of weeks, with thoughts on the quarter completed and possibly even new ideas for the new quarter. I’m toying with a few things.

See you soon!



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