Dear Baby Me: July 12, 1996


Dear Journal,
The Fugative was good. The problem was I didn’t sleep well that night and I felt lousy for a few days afterwards. I don’t know if the two were connected but it’s very coincadential (I’m positive that isn’t spelled right but oh well). Geuss what! I’m going to camp Sunday! It’s gonna be great. I might write at camp but I doubt it. I promise to bring you anyway. The library is in the middle of their summer reading program and I got the book of The Princess Bride! It was soo good! Ciao!
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

It’s so funny how memory plays tricks on you. In the last entry I thought to myself that I didn’t think you did get to watch the movie that night because I remembered not feeling well when we were watching it and I could have sworn it was during the day. But apparently that was the day after we watched it. Huh.

It’s nice that you will bring your journal. I’m sure he’d be lonely without you. Good job setting realistic expectations for yourself.

The Princess Bride is very good. I did not remember you got it so young.

Finally, coincidental is indeed not spelled correctly but it is an awesome try. I feel like as an adult I will generally just not use a word if I’m not sure how to spell it and not in reach of a spellcheck. So hooray for you for just going for it!

Good luck at camp.

Love, Me


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