Dear Baby Me: June 28, 1996


Dear Journal,
Geuss what?! I get to watch “The Fugitive” tonight! Nothing else much is happening at least not that I know of. Ciao!
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

I love that you are willing to leave open the possibility that maybe things are happening that you don’t know of. The world is a never-ending thing of mystery.

Also, I cannot believe you were 12 years old when your parents let you watch The Fugitive. No wonder I have such vivid memories. The opening scene of Harrison Ford’s wife having her skull cracked open with a blunt object of some kind is really extremely graphic and hard to watch. Also, while there’s no sexual assault, she is in lingerie setting up her room waiting for her husband to get home so they can have sex when she is assaulted, so that element is certainly there.

But in general, the assault is just extremely violent and hard to watch. I’ve watched it as an adult and had a very difficult time seeing it. I feel like this is one of those very strange examples of your parents (especially your father) drawing the line at explicit sex but not violence.

All that said, this is totally the movie where you became obsessed with Tommy Lee Jones (why is he not my grandfather?) and it really was one of your favorite movies for years, so whatever. I GUESS IT WORKED OUT IN THE END. Still. Skull cracking. Ughhhhh.

Love, Me


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