Dear Baby Me: June 21 & 25, 1996


Dear Journal,
Geuss what?! Tonight me and Monica are going to a Pizza/movie bash at the church and afterwards I’m spending the night at Monica’s! Isn’t that cool?! I can hardly wait! Ciao!
Love Meg

Dear Journal,
We didn’t get to go to the Pizza/movie bash. The Grapevine (our church newsletter) was a day late. But I still got to spend the night at Monica’s. An unbelieveble thing happened today! The doorbell rang and it was Jana and her mom. They took me out to lunch and it was great! Guess what? My mom had this fantastic idea. Mabye sometime when Jana goes to visit her grandparents I could go home with her for a few days and then we could figure out a way to get me home! Also she might move back in about a year! That would be soo cool. Well, I gotta go! Ciao!
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

How sad that you did not get to attend the “Pizza/movie bash.” I wish you had said what movie they were going to play because I bet it would have been awesome. Oh well.

This whole thing with Jana is extremely weird. The truth is that I remember essentially nothing about Jana. At all. I’m not convinced you were actually friends with her much. I remember that she was a very nice girl, probably the only person who was really nice to you at your parents’ church. I think she was your “friend” because of that but I have no memory of actually liking her that much. Which is sort-of sad. The point is that I think this is the last time you’ll ever see Jana and it’s not really that big of a deal.

Another point though is that it is super weird your mother brought up that idea. That is extremely out of character for her and it makes me wonder if she was a much bigger fan of Jana than you were. Maybe she thought she was a good influence or something. Anyway, it’s okay. You’ll have better friends eventually, I promise.

Love, Me


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