Dear Baby Me: June 19, 1996


Dear Journal,
They’re gone! They’re all gone! Mark & Shelly and CO stayed till yesterday, then Carmen came today. Busy week! Next week is VBS and hoop camp! Another busy week! Char called last night and said she wanted me to babysit all summer while she does arobics – $2.00 a week! It’s not much, but it’s as close to a summer job as I’ve ever had! Gotta go!
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

Oh my. Next week is VBS and hoops camp. Are you still young enough for VBS? Maybe this is your last year, I guess. Hoops camp is sad because you will basically get a participation ribbon and be pleased because you don’t understand that is not actually a good thing.

And the beginnings of your babysitting career! $2 a week. Man. Even for like 4 hours a week, that is a heck of a deal for your neighbor. But you’re still very young so I guess that’s fair. Good luck with all that, I’m sure we’ll hear more soon.

Love, Me


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