Dear Baby Me: June 8, 1996


Dear Journal,
Micker never played the song anyway and I didn’t actually tell him my name was Ebony he just misunderstood me. Now tell me if you think I’m crazy. I have a crush on someone else! I’m crazy, right? This time it’s Brad Renfro. He’s soooo cute. I saw him in Tom and Huck last night. That was a good movie, but “Tom” or J.T.T. was a wimp! I mean he followed “Huck” around like a faithful dog! Another reason I liked “Huck” best was because at least he had some guts. It was a pretty good movie ‘cept that a few people got killed. Now I wanna see The Babysitters Club. See ya!
Love Meg


Dear Baby Me,

This is also one of my favorite things. I like that you at least address your total meltdown from a couple weeks ago. You may not really explain why you were so freaked out but at least you did address it and figure it all out why it was totally fine. You did not actually lie after all. Micker just made assumptions and that could hardly be your fault and then he didn’t even play the dumb song.

Onto more important things! Like boys! I find this to be a fascinating insight into your personality that I don’t even totally understand. I mean, I know you liked Brad Renfro’s character because he was the anti-hero, which will essentially be your character type from Han Solo onward. So I guess you despise Tom Sawyer because he is… nice? Which if that’s the case is weird because when I read Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer is the WORST PERSON EVER and I hated that child. But I think for very different reasons. I don’t know, to some extent it almost sounds like you’re parroting someone…? Did your mom or dad say that, I wonder? I just can’t tell if it is original thought, or whatever qualifies as that for you right now. But it is adorable that it is a noted strike against the movie that a few people got killed.

It is fascinating to me that you were going to get to watch The Babysitter’s Club (and in fact I dimly recall that you did) since you weren’t allowed to read the books? But I guess you only weren’t allowed to read them because your mother believed they were a waste of time, so maybe she felt two hours was less time to waste. Which I suppose is technically true.

Anyway. More movies will come, I’m sure.

Love, Me


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