Dear Baby Me: May 19, 1996


Dear Journal,
Last night was great! And I found out there are 14 year old boys (or at least one) that are pretty nice. His name is Sander. Strange name, huh? He’s not cute but he’s nice. Him and Margi are friends since they were babies. I wish he was my friend to. I think he would be a neat friend. But I’ll probably never see him again. Oh well. See ya!
Love Meg


Dear Baby Me,

Awwww. You wish he was your friend too. Well, cheer up, he will be probably the closest thing you have to a friend for like a year in youth group. Which is nice kind-of. I suspect partly you were jealous of the idea of having a male friend that you had most of your life. That idea really appealed to you. He was a genuinely nice kid though.

I am also amused by “he is not cute but he is nice.” You have your priorities set. Or attempting to be set. I actually think Sander may have been kind-of cute for a 14 year old but it takes some time to figure these things out. At the very least, he’ll be a center of interest for all the junior high girls and your friendship with him will end up being a strange point of contention. But that’s for later!

Love, Me


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