Dear Baby Me: May 18, 1996


Dear Journal,
I think I’m going to like jr. high – they have so much fun! I went to the Edge Wendesday night with Monica. It was so fun! We played a bunch of wacky games and afterwards I beat this kid I call Baldy 3 out of 5 times at carpetball! Tonight me and Monica are going to the House of Madness in Bellvue. The House of Madness is like a big Edge with a bunch of churches invited. We leave at 5:30pm and we get back around 11:00pm. We bring a sack dinner. It sounds like fun! I’ve got this really cute shirt with flowers on the front and I’m going to wear my cut-offs. It looks so cute! Well gotta go!
Love Meg
P.S. I might write again later.

Dear Journal,
I can hardly wait! It’s about 15 min till we leave and I wanna leave now!
Love Meg


Dear Baby Me,

I am dying over “wacky games.” What were these wacky games, you little tease, you? Also, perhaps you need to step up your game a bit on your teasing nicknames. Baldy is… lacking in subtlety. I would like to take note that no one has ever particularly had fun in jr. high, I don’t think. But it’s nice that you think you will.

I would like to take note of you describing your clothes because it’s going to become a thing. It is not that interesting but oh well. I guess this is an interest you’re learning to take. Cut-off shorts will be a… recurring theme.

Also, I am SO GLAD you stopped in to write that imperative sentence. What would we do without it? *shakes head* Funny kid. Have fun at your party. Seriously, in the not too distant future you will hate all the crazy games and stuff, so enjoy it while you can.

Love, Me


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