Dear Baby Me: March 14, 1996


Dear Journal,
Yesterday I was kind-of down so today I’m going to write some nice things. First I’ll describe my surroundings. I’m at the playground next to the senior center. We’re waiting for the van. It’s 11:30. I’m sitting at the top of the slide – about 10 feet off the ground. Oops gotta go the vans here. I’ll write more later.
Love Meg


Dear Journal,
We’re at our first stop – Mrs. Schneiders, now we’re on our way to Mrs. Gooch. Now I’ll tell you something really exciting. It’s called a Snow Retreat! It’s something our church does every year. I’m going with Randi’s family. It’s gonna be great! I’ll leave about 11:00am and we’ll get there about 2:00pm. I can hardly wait! They said last year they had six feet of snow! I’ll write to you during the retreat if I can. I can’t believe it’s tomorrow.
Love Meg


Dear Baby Me,

Your powers of description are awesome. As is your estimation of distance. No, I don’t know. Maybe you were 10 feet off the ground, I guess. I don’t really remember that slide. But it’s cute that you felt that describing your surroundings was a good pick me up for the day.

Also, again, I will repeat. It’s okay for you to be sad. You don’t have to “make up” for it the next day.

I am now wondering in retrospect why you ended up going to the snow retreat. Whose idea was this? You didn’t ask to go. I am trying to remember and I think that Randi’s family called your parents and asked if you could come along. What a kind thing for them to do. What an odd thing for them to do. I don’t know, I just wonder why. Maybe they just had room or had signed up for extra people and someone dropped out. It just seems weird, we weren’t close to the family. I’m also a bit surprised mom let you go. But she did. And you had fun, which I think you write about later. Still, these were the sorts of church activities that your family never, ever attended so it was very exciting for you to be part of something. I guess some part of me kind-of wonders if they felt sorry for you and invited you because of that. It is impossible to know at this point. Oh well. Have fun!

Love, Me


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