Dear Baby Me: February 27, 1996


Dear Journal,
I’ll keep on where I left off. About the Internet. On Friday Amy’s going to spend the night. On Saturday Aunt Nancy & Aunt B are coming up. I’m spending the night at their house that night. We’ll drop Amy off on our way to Seattle. B said we can go swimming or to a movie or something. It’s gonna be great! Steve might play tag with us today. Us includes Me, Ash, and Rachelle. I hope he does. Last night Kyle was at Awana. He dumped water on me! Next week he’s in big trouble. Steve didn’t play tag with us. To bad. Well mabye next week. Bye!
Love Meg


Dear Baby Me,

Um. Your opening is the best. You will start again with the Internet! Which you capitalize! And then proceed to say… absolutely nothing about. Which is sad because I would love to hear more of your thoughts about the Internet but also this cracks me up.

Your plans are sweet, except I literally have no idea who Rachelle was. Who was Rachelle? Who is this person you were playing with? Was it a neighbor? I do not remember this person. Oh well. Tag and throwing water… these will become extremely common flirtation things for you over the next few years. I’m not sure why it’s so exciting to get water dumped all over you. Or to literally chase boys or be chased. To be honest, it sounds exhausting. But you seem to be enjoying it for the moment so have fun.

Love, Me


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