Dear Baby Me: February 26, 1996


Dear Journal,
I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written to you. I’ve wanted to but I couldn’t find you. Now I’ll tell you the highlights of the last month or so. First of all is the fact that I don’t think about Christian Bale all the time anymore. Now I can’t stop thinking about Andrew Keegan. He’s another actor who’s absolutly gorgouse! I geuss you’ve heard it all before with Jack Kelly. Everything that applied to Jack Kelly now applies to Andrew Keegan. I saw him in Camp Nowhere and fell in love instantly. Then we watched him in Skateboard Kid 2. He had a lot smaller part in that though. A tidbit of info about Jack Kelly – he cut his hair and now looks like a geek. Another bit of info on him – did you know he’s Welsh! Yep a Welsh actor. How do I know all this? Because Randi has Internet and we can look up things like that. It’s really cool. Gotta go!
Love Meg


Dear Baby Me,

I am extremely amused that my only highlights from the last month were exclusively about Andrew Keegan and Christian Bale. Like apparently literally nothing else has happened in the last month. You have had no experiences in the last month that are even worth mentioning but Christian Bale now looks like a geek (man, you really were a sucker for that hair in the eyes thing) and also is Welsh.

Really probably the more relevant issue in this entry is that this is literally the first time you ever used the internet. Like ever. I actually have a decently clear memory of her trying to explain the internet and it just being this confusing thing that didn’t make much sense. So she just asked what you wanted to look up and what would you think of? Why Christian Bale, obviously.

Bless your  heart, darling. Your birthday is coming right up so maybe something interesting will happen soon.

Love, Me


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