Dear Baby Me: November 20, 1995 & January 1, 1996


Dear Journal,
My mom has decided that this Christmas, instead of them giving us 5 to 7 presents she’s giving us three each!
Love Meg

Dear Journal,
Happy New Year! I know it’s been a looong time since I’ve written and I’m soo sorry. So much has happened, but I’ll just tell you the highlights. Christmas was great! Grandma came and spent Saturday and Sunday night. I got a tweety bird jacket with a bright red shirt, Carman the absolute best tape, a series of books and number five to a series we already have from mom and dad. I got a box of blue candy-canes from Joey and a Geoff Moore and the Distance Evolution tape from Jared. Oops gotta go! I’ll tell you more tomorrow.
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

I love these entries because they are just… I don’t know. They’re just so in and out. I believe you’re expressing dismay at the dive in Christmas presents, but it’s hard to tell since you don’t have time to expand. I remember when your mother told you that, although I don’t think it was something they really stuck to for long. Maybe they were short on money that year or had seen a sermon on it or something.

Also, I am incredibly amused that Joey’s present to you was a box of blue candy canes. And a tape of Evolution….. I think that for anyone who is unfamiliar with at least the SONG of Evolution, I should include a video for the viewing pleasure of the audience.

Also, let’s talk about the coat, honey. It was like a letterman’s jacket except it had Tweety looking cool on the back. Which was…. not actually that cool. But you had it a while. So that’s too bad. You also kept the red shirt (which also had Tweety on it) forever. So. Those things happened. I wonder what series the books were from…

Anyway. I love that these entries are all about presents and how much you loved getting presents, which is true and which you still do. Although you actually probably love giving them more now. You were in fact so excited by the presents that you forgot to even mention any boys! So that’s nice.

Brand new year, better hang on.

Love, Me


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