Dear Baby Me: November 17, 1995


Dear Journal,
This Sunday we’re singing at church. I’ll write the words we’re singing. 

I will celebrate, sing unto the Lord,
Sing to the Lord a new song (2x)
With my heart rejoicing within
With my mind focused on him
With my hands raised to the heavens
All I am worshiping him. Chorus

There’s motions to. I can hardly wait for the swim party. Monica was going to come but she’s got the chicken pox, so I asked Kim. She says she can come. Vacuuming today – UGH!! By the way I’m still thinking about Jack, Shawn and you won’t believe this. I don’t believe this – D.J.!!
Love Meg


Dear Baby Me,

Why did you like to copy things so much? I guess… that I still kind-of like to do that since I’m copying over all of my old journals. There’s a certain soothing element to it. But I feel like it was less soothing doing it by hand. Whatever. I do not remember the hand motions to that song. I did not remember there were hand motions to that song.

It’s kind-of interesting to note that this is your best friend switch or the beginning of it. Monica was definitely your primary friend for a while there but Kim will certainly become the most important one and… I’m sorry about that. It’s going to be kind-of a bumpy ride there.

Finally, it is hilarious how once the dominoes go, they just all go. One boy after another. I personally feel like perhaps you just realized that male attention was a possibility on the table and just can’t distinguish yet that there might be different kinds or it could look different ways or that it might matter… also you will not be distinguishing that for a really long time. So you know. Hang on. Exciting times ahead.

Love, Me


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