Dear Baby Me: November 15 & 16, 1995


Dear Journal,
I’m tired. I was awake till 1:45am! We watched Voyager last night. It was freaky. This girl fried this guy’s blood! UGH! Also we watched the first three quarters of The Wrath of Kahn. And watched the rest this morning.
Love Meg

Dear Journal,
You wouldn’t believe – now I have two boys on my mind! One is as you know is Jack Kelly and the other one is – Shawn! Yep! I always thought that he was cute but now I think he’s doubly so and I daydream about him as well as Jack. Ciao!
Love Meg


Dear Baby Me,

I completely remember watching that episode of Voyager. You had nightmares from that, poor thing. Sigh. Your best friend’s dad is a Trekkie but I am going to tell you a secret right now. You do not care about Star Trek. You will never care about Star Trek. You like Star Wars the best and you will try desperately to make your way through the original series as an adult and hate on Kirk for a while and eventually give up part way through the third season. It’s fine. These things happen.

I like how you really don’t distinguish much between Jack Kelly and Sean. Even though one is fictional and one lives down the street from you. I think that the likelihood of doing anything with either one seems equally fictional to you at this point. Also I like doubly so. Did your opinion of his cuteness specifically double? Did you just wake up one day and look at him and know? I just don’t remember how this worked. Sigh. Oh well, your one and only crush lasted like a week. Things die fast.

Hang in there.

Love, Me


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