Dear Baby Me: November 14, 1995


Dear Journal,
I’m going to try not to think about Jack so I’m not going to write you about him. Instead I’ll tell you what books I have to read. Jack and Jill by Louisa May Alcott, Starluck by Donald Wismar, Redhead by Jean Nielson, The Remarkable Jrouney of Priince Jen by Lloyd Alexander, The Beggar Queen by Lloyad Alexander, Match Wits with Sherlock Holmes 2, 4 & 8 by Murray Shaw, and the book I’m reading is Hospital Zone by Mary Stolz. A lot of books to read. This afternoon I won’t be grounded anymore – YEA! I got two new posters today. One is Indian in the Cupboard and the other is Batman Forever. I’m not a big fan of Batman Forever but the posters are OK. I put them on my closet door. I never realized how much poster room my closet doors have. On the Batman Forever poster Riddler’s standing in a pose saying “Riddle me this, riddle me that. Who’s afraid of the big black bat?” and over his head it says Batman Forever. Well, gotta go!
Love Meg

Dear Journal,
The N. Family appeared at our front door with an adorable five-week old boxer puppy named Fudge. She is so sweet. Also I’m spending the night at Ashleys house tonight – YES! That’s about all.
Love Meg
P.S. I’m taking you along if anything comes up I’ll tell you.


Dear Baby Me,

Where did you get these posters? And why? Not only were you not that big of a fan of Batman EVER (sorry, David) but you hadn’t… seen that movie. It is now 19 years later and you still haven’t seen that movie. So you know. That’s kind-of weird. I do remember being a really big fan of the Indian in the Cupboard books but the movie was dreadful. I don’t think you were even a fan of it as a kid but at least you did have a connection to the franchise.

Still, you never liked blank spaces. I remember how dad used to walk into the room and ask how you could stand for your walls to be so busy. Stickers, posters, pictures, it was chaos. I still don’t like blank space although I sometimes panic about how to fill it and it stays blank out of confusion.

Also, you know. Puppies! Hooray! I promise you will always love puppies.

Love, Me



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