Dear Baby Me: November 12, 1995


Dear Journal,
Randie babysat today. It was cool! Me and Randie are becoming better friends all the time. I keep thinking about Jack. I have daydreams where I’ve met him and he’s just as nice as the characters he plays and we become good friends. That would be wonderful. But it will probably never happen. It would be so cool if I could write to him. I think I’ve got a major crush on him. My parents are seriosly thinking of adopting a chinese baby girl! Ugh! I’d have to share a room, it would be awful! They don’t have the money though. Fweuf! Gotta go! Ciao!
Love Meg


Dear Baby Me,

Oh dear. Okay. Let’s start with Randie. Randie was a very nice girl. She was a good babysitter as far as I can recall (although frankly I don’t think you ever had a babysitter you did not like). Do you know what she was not? Your friend. I cannot decide if it is adorable that you think you are “becoming better friends all the time” or just kind-of… sad.

Second, let’s take “Jack” or Christian Bale. Point number one is that he is definitely not as nice as the characters he plays (some of which are also not nice but you’ve not seen that side of him yet) but you don’t know that yet. At this point Christian Bale is really not a star and even when he becomes one he’s going to manage to stay out of the public eye for a good long while… until he goes on an insane rant for no good reason at a light technician. Oh yeah, and has the police called on him for a “domestic dispute” with his sister and mother. Of course at this point that is something of a he said, she said and reads like a kind-of gross family argument… but there’s no question his temper seems to be an issue. The point is, my darling baby self, that although he was a very attractive first crush, he turned out to be unfortunate in other ways. Also he’s 10 years older than you, so there’s that. I wish any of this would stop what’s going to follow but it definitely will not.

And finally, the possibility of you getting a Chinese baby sister. I do really clearly remember this extremely brief interlude. I think the reason we didn’t ended up coming down to money, as you said, although perhaps there were other factors. From what I recall, even though you don’t share it, you were much more worried about having to share your father’s adoration than your bedroom (although there’s no doubt you really loved having your own room as well). I’m mostly just glad it never happened, for everyone’s sake.

Also “fweuf” is adorable.

Love, Me


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