Dear Baby Me: August 7 & 8, 1995


Dear Journal,
Camp’s pretty good. I chose the top bunk, fell out of bed, got a scratch on my leg with a bruise around it, a bump on my foot, and a bruise scratch on my butt bottom. It was rather painful. I switched with Sarah, so now I have the bottom bunk. Period hasn’t started yet. I hope it doesn’t. I’ve gotta go. They’ll turn off the light. I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow – I think. See-ya!
Love Meg

Dear Journal,
It’s 10:10am. Usually this would be Bible study time but our conselor isn’t feelling good so she’s resting and we’re having cabin time instead. At cabin time we’ll have Bible study. Now I’ll name my cabin-mates and conselers. My cabin-mates are Katy, Mary, Heather, Laura, Amber, and of course Sarah. My conselors are Rio and Lego. They’re cool! Thats all now. Bye!
Love Meg


Dear Baby Me,

Well, this is all that remains of your time at this particular camp. In fact, you don’t write anymore in… August. So you know. Whatever. While this does not fill in the burning question of whether or not Sarah and you fought, I think I can say with some certainty that you did.

Your story about falling out of the top bunk is adorable, although from what I recall, it was a really confusing experience. You were having a dream and then you thought you were upside-down and then you were on the ground and you couldn’t figure out what had happened. But it wasn’t like you just fell straight down, you felt like you caught yourself on something and spent several days trying to figure out what but couldn’t find anything. Maybe Jesus caught you. Also no one in your cabin woke up, which is weird… you should have made a lot of noise but no one remembered anything about you falling at all. Still, you had the bruises. I don’t know, the whole thing was really weird. That said, you crossing out butt is adorable and you apparently were undecided… from what I recall it was a bruise and a scratch.

Anyway, what did you do at camp…? I think at Cascade you got to go on horseback rides, go out in a canoe, go swimming, play various dumb camp games. The usual I suppose. I remember that you used to ask to go to the horse camp sometimes but it was more expensive than the regular camp and it was always a no. Probably for the best. The truth is that I don’t think you were ever that into horses.

So ends camp another year. On to September?

Love, Me


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