Dear Baby Me: August 1 & 6, 1995


Dear Journal,
The birthday party was fun. J got a lot of stuff. Two movie’s which were Far from Home and Angels in the Outfield. I’ve got work to do so goodbye!
Love Meg

Dear Journal,
I go to camp today. I’m pretty nervous. Sometimes I wish I’d just signed up for Warmbeach where I know what I’m getting into. I really don’t have any idea what Camp of the Cascades is like. I hope it’s fun. I also hope me and Sarah don’t get into any fights. Fighting can ruin any fun there is. Now we’re in church and a special music group is singing. The name of the group is Reflection and they’re from APU college. It’s beautiful. After church we’re driving to Aunt N’s stopping on the way to get me a shirt to tie-die. Remember I told you about the book Back Home? Well I got the movie of it. Hayley Mills was her mom. It was suprisingly close to the book and it was very good. I don’t remember what mom and dad got but they said I wouldn’t like it.
Love Meg


Dear Baby Me,

I have to admit that I’m consistently touched to find your devotion to movies already growing, even if they are primarily terrible movies. That does match what I remember and that’s nice. Angels in the Outfield. Man. What a bizarre children’s story. Also Back Home, which… I really don’t remember except I think it was about a boy and his yellow lab. I feel like there was definitely a dog.

I find it fascinating that you were at least partly nostalgic for Warmbeach camp. I don’t really remember you having such a great time there, to be honest. I feel like you were happy to be away from home, you felt independent in some ways. But you hadn’t really learned the whole making friends thing and there was certainly no one you kept in touch with. In fact, especially the first year, the other girls in your cabin were quite mean to you. Taunting you and excluding you and they threw your underwear outside once….? Like just dumb kid bullying stuff and you didn’t respond to it that much because you were a weirdly oblivious child but you spent a lot of time alone in the woods talking to a chipmunk you named Chippy. So I’m just saying. Cascade can’t be that much worse.

That said, your concerns about you and your cousin fighting are completely valid, since you guys did very little else for most of your lives. I’m not sure really whose idea it was for you to go to camp together in the first place. They were Catholic so an evangelical Christian camp seems like an interesting choice… anyway.

Last but not least, you will move past this “how close does the book need to be to the movie” thing. I promise. In fact, it will become one of my biggest pet peeves. But for now, you know. Have fun at camp.

Love, Me


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