Dear Baby Me: July 30, 1995


Dear Journal,
We’re on our way to church – late of course. Dad said Little Nikita was OK. He said was violent but mabye I could watch it. I hope so. Mom didn’t watch it. We’re at church – 5 minutes late of course. We’re sitting in church now and Erik & Leah S. and Kent & Janice P. are becoming members of the church. Funny, I always thought they were members. Now Mark and Deidre B. are singing “Day by Day.” It’s very pretty. Tomorrow’s Jared’s birthday party at McDonald’s. It sounds like fun.
Love Meg


Dear Baby Me,

Well, this is not your most exciting entry. If I had to hazard a guess I would say you were just bored in church. That was a particularly unexciting church. It was true that you guys were always late, however. It was something of a standing joke that if you were actually on time when Sunday School or church started, it must be a very special day indeed. It somehow never occurs to you as a kid that this might be a problematic thing, that perhaps being on time is actually a positive trait. You take it much in the way it’s presented to you; as a charming character flaw. But nevermind, you’ll grow out of it. Grown up you is extremely good at being freakishly on time.

As I said last time, you’ll never watch Little Nikita. I think mom may have nixed it. Your dad never felt like violence mattered that much but mom had a few different ideas. Mom was not entirely wrong here.

I guess that’s about all I’ve got. Enjoy the party.

Love, Me


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